Halifax West High School

Curriculum Night, Gr10 Pre-IB info, Course Selection info

Curriculum Night - - - Februrary 18th

Parents / Guardians will follow their student’s schedule (A, B, C, and D).  You will be able to meet with your student’s teachers who will give you an overview of the curriculum in that class for the semester as well as an overview of the teacher’s plan for assessment and communication of your student’s learning.  Please ask your student for a copy of their schedule in advance and / or if you have access to PowerSchool you can review it prior to attending curriculum night.
Schedule is as follows:

  • 6:30 ~ 6:40 pm         A Block
  • 6:45 ~ 6:55 pm          B Block
  • 7:00 ~ 7:10 pm          C Block
  • 7:15 ~ 7:25 pm          D Block

Curriculum Night is a great way to start out being positively involved in your student’s academic school year.  I hope you can make it and I look forward to seeing you there.


Grade 10 Pre-IB Parent / Guardians Information Meeting
7:30 - Library Seminar Room A244, Halifax West High School
If you have students currently enrolled in the grade 10 pre-IB programand they are considering enrolling in the grade 11 / 12 IB Diploma Programmeyou are invited to an information meeting which will take place at theconclusion of curriculum night starting around 7:30 in the Library Seminar roomA244.


Course Selection Information Presentation (Grade 10 / 11)
7:45 - Bella Rose Theatre, Halifax West High School
Our student services team will be providing a course selectioninformation presentation for parents / guardians of Grade 10 / 11students.  This presentation will provide an overview of the courseselection process for parents / guardians.

Veiw the Presentation


Greg MacKinnon, Principal