Halifax West High School

Boys Hockey - More rescheduling!

Thank you for your patience as the city and province recover from hurricane Fiona.

Many obstacles have been coming our way to complete these tryouts. Todays (Tuesday, Sept 27) tryouts are cancelled.

Fingers crossed this is the final update/changes needed:

Wednesday Ice Session BMO Centre (September 28th 3:45-5:15pm). All students trying out for the team are authorized by the school to leave early at 3pm to make it to the rink in time. 

Thursday Ice Session BMO Centre (September 29th 7:15-8:45pm).

Final Team list will be posted on the High School Hockey League Site under Halifax West Thursday night or Friday Afternoon.

First Team Practice Saturday October 1st 8-10pm.

Player meeting Monday October 3rd 3:30pm, parent meeting 7pm both at Halifax West high school.

Boys Hockey - More rescheduling!