Halifax West High School

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Our school is offering you real-time access to your child's grades, assignments, attendance, teacher's comments, and school bulletins through the Internet using the Student-Parent Portal website.

To Help Get You Started

Quick reference guides - How to Sign Up for the Student-Parent Portal and How to Use the Student-Parent Portal are available to help get you started. You can also view a 5-minute online demonstration video of the Student-Parent Portal. Simply go to the 'STUDENT-PARENT PORTAL' section of inschool.ednet.ns.ca to access these materials, or enter http://inschool.ednet.ns.ca/portal into your browser.

To get started, you will need the following information:

Our Student-Parent Portal website location: https://sishrsb.ednet.ns.ca/public

Click on the "Create Account" button to get started. (Refer to the "How to Sign Up for the Student-Parent Portal” guide to take you through the steps)

Your Confidential Access ID for your child: ############
Your Access Password for your child: ########

The Access ID and Access Password are unique for your child and are used only as a way to link your child to your student-parent portal web account. The Quick Reference Guide, noted above, has all the instructions you need to sign up for your web account. Your child will receive a separate user name and password to access their information through the student-parent portal.

If you have Internet access at home or work, you can view the information on your child at any time. If you do not have Internet access at home, you can visit your local library, community centre or C@P site for public Internet access. You may contact someone at your school for assistance in finding a location close to you.

Please keep your ACCESS information for your child confidential so only you can access the information.
You may access information about your child(ren) at any time once you have signed up on the Student-Parent Portal website. If you have more than one child in the same school or at different schools, you can link all of your children to your web account.

If you have any questions or comments, or to request paper copies of the Quick Reference Guides, please contact us at or call 902-457-8900.

Tim Simony