Halifax West High School

Exam Exemptions


Criteria for Qualifying:

1. Students may be eligible to be exempt from one scheduled examination per semester. Final assessments and “process” exams are not included.

2. In order to qualify for an exemption, the student must have completed all major assessment components for each of the courses in which s/he is enrolled. What is considered a “major assessment component” will be determined by the subject teacher, department head and school administration where necessary.

3. A student cannot be exempt from any English exams, Math exams, or any Provincial Exams.

4. A student cannot be exempt from any examination related to the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme. This includes Pre-IB Examinations.

5. A student shall not accumulate any more than:
• 6 absences (“A” and “AWN”) in any course in which the student is enrolled within any one semester;
• 6 absences (“A” and “AWN”) per semester in any full year two credit course, calculated each semester (ie. Math 10);
• 6 absences (“A” and “AWN”)  in any one credit course in which the student is enrolled for the full year;
• 6 absences (“A” and “AWN”)  in any combined half credit courses in which the student is enrolled within any one semester;
• If a student is chronically late for any class (ie: 6 or more lates), he/she may lose eligibility for an exam exemption. Chronic lateness will be determined by administration based on individual circumstances of the student. Documented interventions will also be a part of the process in determining chronic lateness for a student.

Procedure & Timeline:

Approximately 10 days prior to the end of the semester’s regularly scheduled classes, the school’s registrar will post a list of all students eligible for exam exemption and an application for an exam exemption will be available.

The exemption application form will indicate which exam the student is proposing to exempt. It must be signed by all of the student’s teachers - to confirm that all major assessments have been completed, and be signed by the student and his/her parent/guardian. Also, the student will be expected to indicate whether or not he/she intends to write the exempted exam with the option to accept the score if it raises his/her final mark. Note: exemption eligibility will also be subject to the return of all outstanding textbooks. Additionally, to ensure that a student keeps his or her exemption eligibility, submission of exemption forms must adhere to deadlines.

On or before the last week preceding exams, the final list of students approved for an exam exemption will be posted. After this time, the school may revoke an individual’s exemption for any exceptional circumstance.


We encourage students/parents/guardians to access your PowerSchool account.  This system provides information such as attendance, student timetables, teachers and grades, all of which are available “live”. Follow the link through the Halifax West homepage for instructions on how to receive your login name and password.


Students are expected to be in class on time when the bell rings. A “late” is recorded when a student is not in the classroom when the bell rings.