Halifax West High School

Graduating Students and GNSPES Accounts

Congratulations! You did it! We wish you the best of luck on your next steps.

Your GNSPES account will be closed shortly after Graduation!


You can transfer all of your GNSPES files to a personal gMail account by going to this link:


This site will allow you to transfer your files to a different (personal) gmail account without losing everything. Keep in mind, your GNSPES account has free unlimited storage but a personal gMail does not. So, you may have to delete some larger, unnecessary files (ie., videos!). A personal gMail account has 15gb.

Don’t have a personal gMail account? You can easily create one at: gmail.google.com

For an overview of the process you can access this video: Transfer your Gmail and Drive with Google Takeout for Schools

Have a great summer!


Original Communication: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b0Xu8Y0C_TnklM1ZZLrUxOGbLbFAVoWofU3IcLZwRbQ/edit