Halifax West High School

Staff Directory

The main school phone number for Halifax West High School is 902-457-8900
Use extension #1 for the Attendance Line to report an absence

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Patterson, Cheryl Youth Health Center ext. 5603351 Cheryl.Patterson@nshealth.ca Website
Jelaidan, Waelah YMCA School Settlement Support Worker ext. 5603320 Waelah.Jelaidan@halifax.ymca.ca
Moussa, Ahmed YMCA School Settlement Support Worker ext. 5603320
Arthur, Bernice Schools Plus - Assistant Leader 902-497-3163 barthur@hrce.ca
Wilson, Erika School Social Worker Erika.Wilson@hrce.ca
Johnston, Lauren School Psychologist Lauren.Johnston@hrce.ca
Lawrence, Wendy Mi'kmaq Indigenous Student Support Worker ext. 5603322 Wendy.Lawrence@hrce.ca
Laing, Mary Jean Library Services Specialist ext. 5601240 mjlaing@hrce.ca
Millet, Cst HRP Community Liaison Officer 902-399-8640
Keating, Jodi Educational Program Assistant jKeating@hrce.ca
Pathak, Priyanka Educational Program Assistant Priyanka.Pathak@hrce.ca
Poojari, Rajani Educational Program Assistant Rajani.Poojari@hrce.ca
Vernon, Jim Educational Program Assistant JVernon@hrce.ca
Hood, Heather Educational Program Assistant hhood@hrce.ca
Kennett, Scott Educational Program Assistant skennett@hrce.ca
LeLievre, Richard Educational Program Assistant RLeLievre@hrce.ca
Beamish, Tracey Educational Program Assistant TBeamish@hrce.ca
Cummings, Lorie Educational Program Assistant LCummings@hrce.ca
Sawler, Christine Educational Program Assistant CSawler@hrce.ca
Watson, Kelly Educational Program Assistant KWatson@hrce.ca
MacAskill, James Educational Program Assisant James.MacAskill@hrce.ca
Grinnell, Erin Community Outreach Worker 902-233-6245 egrinnell@hrce.ca
Kelly, Paul Caretaker HWH-Caretaker@hrce.ca
Scott, Calvin African-Nova Scotian Student Support Worker ext. 560-1283 CScott@hrce.ca


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Miles, Sarah VP for students Md-Z ext. 4 smiles@hrce.ca
MacDuff, Glen Vice-Principal G-Mc ext. 3 gmacduff@hrce.ca
Williams, Karen Vice-Principal A-F ext. 2 williamsk@hrce.ca
Adamski, Jackie Registrar and IB Coordinator ext. 5601285 JAdamski@hrce.ca
Amaral, Lee Anne Principal ext. 0 lamaral@hrce.ca
MacNeil Peterson, Angie Main Office Secretary (PM) ext. 0 amacneilpeterson@hrce.ca
Drake, Shelley Main Office Secretary ext. 0 shelley.drake@hrce.ca Website
Gibson, Rhonda Guidance Secretary ext. 5 rhonda.gibson@hrce.ca
Welsh, Lori Guidance Counsellor O-Z ext. 9 lwelsh@hrce.ca Website
Cribb, Courtney Guidance Counsellor I-N ext. 8 ccribb@hrce.ca
Cameron, Leah Ann Guidance Counsellor A-D ext. 6 lcameron@hrce.ca Website
Armstrong, Ross 50% Guidance Counsellor E-H ext. 7 rarmstrong@hrce.ca

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Wadden, Chad Technology/Fine Arts Department Head ext. 5602320 CWadden@hrce.ca Website
Thornton, Craig Technology ext. 5602216 CThornton@hrce.ca
Tuck, Graham Technology ext. 5602324 gtuck@hrce.ca
Fowler, Susan Student Services / Resource susan.fowler@hrce.ca
Winterhalt, Martha Social Studies; Languages Martha.Winterhalt@hrce.ca
Green, Heidi Social Studies ext. 5603124 HGreen@hrce.ca
Bullock, Christine Social Studies ext. 5603123 CBullock@hrce.ca
Barré, Claire Social Studies 5603149 Claire.Barre@hrce.ca Website
MacLean, Debbie Social Studies ext. 5603125 DMacLean@hrce.ca
Kyle, Elizabeth Social Studies ext. 5603229 EKyle@hrce.ca
Hancey, Conor Social Studies Connor.hancey@hrce.ca
McKinnon, Alison Social Studies ext. 5603128 McKinnonA@hrce.ca
Rudolph, Justin Social Studies ext. 5603127 JRudolph@hrce.ca
Blucher, Stephanie Social Studies ext. 5603126 SBlucher@hrce.ca
Skelhorn, Tanya Science Department Head ext. 5603341 SkelhornT@hrce.ca
MacIsaac, Janet Science / Tech ext. 5601334 MacIsaacJ@hrce.ca
Kay, Alexie Science ext. 5603343 ATheriault-Kay@hrce.ca
Logan-Chesney, Laura Science lloganchesney@hrce.ca
Chiasson, Mark Science ext. 5603344 Mark.Chiasson@hrce.ca
Smith, Jennifer Science ext. 5603348 jenn.smith@hrce.ca
Dosman, Shauna Science ext. 5603346 SDosman@hrce.ca Twitter
McKay, Carol Science ext. 5603347 Carol.McKay@hrce.ca
LeBlanc, Taylor Science ext. 5601350 taylor.leblanc@hrce.ca
Renault, Lise Science ext. 5603345 lise.renault@hrce.ca
Aidoo, Kwamena Science ext. 5601351 KAidoo@hrce.ca
Campbell, Johanna Science jcampbell@hrce.ca
Goora, Jessica Science ext. 5601352 JGoora@hrce.ca
Sullivan, Scott Resource and English scott.sullivan@hrce.ca
MacKenzie, Allura Resource Allura.MacKenzie@hrce.ca
MacRae, AG Physical Education/Family Studies/Business Dept. Head AMacRae@hrce.ca
Snook, Roy Physical Education and Science ext. 5601267 RSnook@hrce.ca
Smeltzer, Mike Physical Education and Athletic Director ext. 5601266 SmeltzerM@hrce.ca
Duggan, Donna Physical Education ext. 5601264 DDuggan@hrce.ca
Rudolph, Anne O2 Coordinator ext. 5603129 RudolphA@hrce.ca
McKinnon, Scott Math/Resource scott.mckinnon@hrce.ca
Atkinson, Beryl Math Department Head ext. 5603246 BAtkinson@hrce.ca
MacDonald, Jamie Math / Science
Swan, Katie Math ext. 560xxxx KSwan@hrce.ca Website
Caushi, Valbona Math ext. 5603243 VCaushi@hrce.ca Website
LeBlanc, Amanda Math Amanda.LeBlanc@hrce.ca
Ayoub, Jerry Math 5603223 jayoub@hrce.ca Website
Aldred, Evan Math ealdred@hrce.ca
Burgess, David Math david.burgess@hrce.ca
Hermanson, Jillian Math Jillian.Hermanson@hrce.ca
Bacich, Leah Math 5603247 LBacich@hrce.ca
Adams, Todd Math ext. 5603147 AdamsJ@hrce.ca
Eberhard, Sarah Math 5603345
Caveney, Liam Math ext. 5603147 Liam.Caveney@hrce.ca
Smith, Ashley Math ext. 5603148
MacKay, Allyson Learning Centre allyson.mackay@hrce.ca
Herbeson, Christina Learning Center ext. 5603329 CHerbeson@hrce.ca
Decker, Scott Learning Center ext. 5601228 scott.decker@hrce.ca
Fletcher, Amy Learning Center
Fougere, Jennifer Languages and Social Studies Department Head ext. 5603144 FougereJ@hrce.ca
Kelly, Andrea Languages Andrea.Kelly@hrce.ca
Chisholm, Erin Languages esydney@hrce.ca
Hayward, Krista French ext. 5603145 KHayward@hrce.ca
de la Chevotiere, Robert French rdelachevotiere@hrce.ca
Fitzgerald, Gail Fine Arts - Visual Arts and Yoga ext. 5602329 GJeffrey-Fitzgerald@hrce.ca
Mactavish, Scott Fine Arts - Visual Arts ext. 5602327 rmactavish@hrce.ca
Burtt, David Fine Arts - Music ext. 5602217 BurttD@hrce.ca Website
Cross, April Fine Arts ext. 5602223 ACross@hrce.ca
Purnell, Stephanie Family Studies ext. 5601353 SPurnell@hrce.ca
de la Chevotiere, Nancie English/EAL Department Head ext. 5603225 NDelachevotiere@hrce.ca
Young, Emily English Emily.Young@hrce.ca
Zscheile, Regan English RZscheile@hrce.ca
Curry, Carrie Ann English ext. 5603325 CurryC@hrce.ca
Bodicharla, Leanne English lbodicharla@hrce.ca
Mastrodimitropoulos, Paula English ext. 5603224 PMastrodimitropoulos@hrce.ca
Alecce Harrison, Gisella (R. Zscheile) English 5603326 GAlecce.Harrison@hrce.ca
MacLean, Sarah English SMacLean@hrce.ca
Heans, Andrea English ext. 5603228 aheans@hrce.ca
Quinn, Cathy English ext. 5603226 cquinn@hrce.ca
Buck, Elise EAL EBuck@hrce.ca
MacDonald, Lee-Anne EAL ext. 5603225 Lee-Anne.MacDonald@hrce.ca
Wride, Sally EAL swride@hrce.ca
Spicer, Meggie Department Head Student Services/Resource ext. 5601317 spicerm@hrce.ca
Gavas, Andrew Co-op Coordinator ext. 5601246 agavas@hrce.ca
MacLean, Richard Business Education ext. 5601328 RMacLean@hrce.ca
Stewart, Leslie Business leslie.stewart@gnspes.ca Website