Halifax West High School

Curriculum Night and Grade 12 Parent/Guardian Meeting


On Tuesday night, September 18th, we will be hosting two events at the school of interest to parents and guardians.

Beginning at 6:30 PM will we have our Curriculum Night. It begins with an assembly in the Bella Rose Theatre at 6:30 PM, followed by a condensed school day so that you can attend each of a student's classes in order.  Please bring your child's schedule with you for the event.  We will follow an A B C D schedule with 10 minute periods and 5 minutes for class changes in between.

A number of teachers are not available to attend due to other school commitments or medical issues

AG MacRae Ann Rudolph Justin Rudolph Johanna Campbell
Roy Snook Todd Armstrong John MacLean Liz Kyle
Colleen Owen      

Following the Curriculum night the guidance counsellors will be hosting a Grade 12 parent and guardian information night.  It will begin at approximately 7:50 PM. Important information will be shared about post secondary choices, finance, scholarships, and the steps leading up to graduation.  If you have a student who is graduating this year this is an important session to attend.